Working with Scrivener across Devices using Dropbox

I do most of the work on my Scrivener project on my Windows machine, but I wanted to be able to do work on it on my Android tablet during a long flight. Since I also have a Mac with Scrivener I was able to put together a workflow using the Sync to External Folder facility.

My Setup:
Mac with Scrivener and Dropbox
Windows machine with Scrivener and Dropbox
Android tablet with Dropbox and an RTF-editing app (I used OfficeSuite 7 Pro)

  1. Save the Scrivener project in Dropbox. You can now access it from the machines with Scrivener installed (one at a time though – see the section on Collaboration in Jefferson Smith’s article on cloud best practices in the references below).
  2. Open the project on the Mac and follow the instructions to Sync to External Folder, setting the destination to a folder in Dropbox. (Scrivener for Windows sadly doesn’t have this facility.) You can now access the exported files via the mobile device.
  3. In Dropbox on the mobile device, mark each exported file as a favourite to make it available offline. (It was a bit of a pain having to do this file-by-file, so if anyone knows of a way of doing this in bulk I’d be pleased to hear it.)
  4. Do your work on the mobile device.
  5. When you get back home, do the Sync to External Folder on the Mac again. (Remember to close the project afterwards!)
  6. Once everything has synced in Dropbox you can open the revised project on the Windows machine.

How to sync Scrivener with any text editor (and go mobile too)
Scrivener and the Cloud: Best Practices 2013
What does marking a file as a favorite on my phone or tablet do?

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Software Developer and Medieval Historian
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