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Writing Maintainable Code

Much of my life as a developer has been spent reading through someone else’s code to try to fix a defect or add some new behaviour. As a result I have some heartfelt pleas to make to my fellow developers … Continue reading

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Reaching a Solution with TDD

I’m lucky enough to work for a company where there’s a strong culture of promoting professional development for the software engineers. One of the forms this takes is training days where we all get together to do practical exercises to … Continue reading

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Testing Web Apps with Selenium

Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places: about this time last year I was introduced to the Selenium suite of browser automation tools while chatting to an acquaintance at a wedding. Since then I’ve used two of the … Continue reading

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Adventures in BDD for an ASP.NET MVC 2 and jQuery Project

I’ve played with Cucumber testing for a Ruby on Rails project, and I wanted to be able to a) automate and b) document some complex scenario testing for one of my ASP.NET MVC apps. I downloaded SpecFlow 1.5 and NUnit … Continue reading

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