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Creating a Rails 3 Project with PostgreSQL and TextMate on a Mac OS X Machine

I was advised to use RVM to manage Ruby on the Mac. Sign up as an Apple developer Download and install XCode Follow the instructions for installing RVM. Install RVM by executing $ bash < <( curl ) in … Continue reading

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Creating a Rails 3 Project with RubyMine and PostgreSQL on a Windows 7 Machine

Ruby gems and Windows don’t always get on – only try doing Rails projects on a Windows 7 machine if you’re feeling brave. Downloads: RubyMine RubyInstaller for Windows (contains RubyGems, so you don’t need to download the gems separately) In … Continue reading

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CSS3 Effects for IE using PIE

Short and sweet, this post. makes it easy to persuade IE to render some CSS3 effects – including border-radius and box-shadow.

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Adventures in BDD for an ASP.NET MVC 2 and jQuery Project

I’ve played with Cucumber testing for a Ruby on Rails project, and I wanted to be able to a) automate and b) document some complex scenario testing for one of my ASP.NET MVC apps. I downloaded SpecFlow 1.5 and NUnit … Continue reading

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Useful Tools for Working With Web Site Colours

ColorZilla – plugin for Firefox, I find the eyedropper very useful Color Converter – displays the colour as well as providing the code in different formats – great for colour schemes for charts as well as maps, includes colorblind-safe … Continue reading

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Checking if FullText Service is installed on SQL Server 2008

SELECT FullTextServiceProperty(‘IsFullTextInstalled’) This will return 1 if the service is installed.

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Concatenating column from many side of one-to-many into single record using STUFF

SELECT OneTable.col1, OneTable.col2, STUFF ( ( SELECT ‘ ‘ + mt.col1 FROM ManyTable mt WHERE mt.foreignkeycol = OneTable.primarykeycol FOR xml path(”) ), 1, 1, ” ) AS concatenatedcol FROM OneTable Note: remember the ” in the inner SELECT statement, otherwise … Continue reading

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Welcome to Jenny’s Jottings

Welcome to my software development blog.  It’s intended mainly as a reminder to me as to how I’ve solved problems, but I hope others out there might find it useful too.

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