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Binding Isolated Scopes in AngularJS

In AngularJS an isolated scope does not inherit properties from its parent scope, unlike a child scope. However, a property of an isolated scope in a directive can be bound to an attribute, which in turn can be bound to … Continue reading

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Working with master and project branches in Git

Bringing project work into the main branch $ git checkout master $ git merge projectbranchfrommaster If there are merge conflicts, you will need to resolve them and commit the changes.     x     <- merge commit     |  \     x   o <- commit on main branch … Continue reading

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Favourite Quotes

‘when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth’ – Arthur Conan Doyle, The Sign of the Four, 1890 In other words: When you’ve checked everything you think likely without success, you need to start … Continue reading

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Working with Dates in JavaScript

Given the quite limited built-in functionality for working with dates in JavaScript, here are some bits and pieces I have found useful. Comparing two dates by value: oDateOne – oDateTwo === 0 ( Checking if a string converts to a … Continue reading

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Integrating Pivotal Tracker and GitHub

I’ve been a Pivotal Tracker user for some time now and I’ve recently moved my code to GitHub, so I was interested when I found John Metta’s article which talks about automatically updating the progress of PT stories using a … Continue reading

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Converting an SVN Repository to Git

I’ve come to prefer working with git to working with SVN, so I set about converting one of my small projects. GitHub says ‘We highly recommend using the svn2git tool to convert an SVN repo to a git repo. …For … Continue reading

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Github Glitch

I was not amused this afternoon when my attempt to push to GitHub for the first time from a new (well, old) machine was met with the message Failed to erase credential: Element not found fatal: Authentication failed A quick … Continue reading

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Writing Maintainable Code

Much of my life as a developer has been spent reading through someone else’s code to try to fix a defect or add some new behaviour. As a result I have some heartfelt pleas to make to my fellow developers … Continue reading

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Solutions for Git Workflow Problems

I want to rename a branch $ git branch -m <currentname> <newname> Source: blog I’ve forgotten which branch my branch was created from $ git log -g <branchname> or $ git reflog show <branchname> and look for the first … Continue reading

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Reaching a Solution with TDD

I’m lucky enough to work for a company where there’s a strong culture of promoting professional development for the software engineers. One of the forms this takes is training days where we all get together to do practical exercises to … Continue reading

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